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has anyone made something similar to the Empeg RIO player

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  • has anyone made something similar to the Empeg RIO player

    I have been looking for a project on the net that shows something similar to the EMPEG/RIO.... seems like no one else has built anything similar... the closest thing I have found that is even remotely similar is the standalone players that use a MP3Decoder chip instead of a processor to decode the MP3's through software IE: winamp. but yet the EMPEG is soooo small.... If anyone has seen anything similar to the Empeg that has been built Do It your self style please post here...

    I cant find single one... just these ones that use mp3 decoder chips... chich suck cause they are limited compared to the empeg which can be updated... cause most of them have a very limited max kbit/s and if a different version of MP3 comes out like VBR did then the player I build may not be able to do it then bam i gotta rebuild the sucka. plus one that used a processor instead of mp3 chip could probably handle some cool software for a graphical display with visuallizations, I want to use dot matrix one and write my own software... I know what I am going to try to do is very very difficult... but I want a project that will take me an extremely long time to work with anyways... I am sure I will learn ALOT by doing all this.... I have built a Car MP3 player from a PC for my car, but I really want It to be able to fit in my dash with everything just right there.... I dont want to buy a EMPEG no fun there.

    The Empeg is just a small computer in a since right... It takes out the stuff it dont need and puts in the stuff it does.
    Anything worth doing, is worth doing right.