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2006+ Mitsubishi Eclipse carputers

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  • 2006+ Mitsubishi Eclipse carputers

    I am trying to find anyone who has successfully gathered information from the Rockford Fosgate stereo and the internal computer so that you don't have to ditch the wicked stereo and stuff in the car.

    The goal is:

    replace the heads up on the dash with the LCD screen. The interface would not only have the regular StreetDeck software, but it would read the temp, compas, and the feed from the stereo as well as any other goodies I can jam into it.

    Also, considering having it boot from USB flash drive rather then disk so ensure that HDD's won't die in extreme temperatures.

    anyone have any guidance on this or have done this already? Not too many people I can find with 4th gen eclipses are doing this sort of thing.

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    Moved to General Hardware Discussion.
    this has nothing to do with OBD-II or any other engine data setup.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      2000 with 8 inch

      find these yet? They arn't '06+ and i don't know how much the car changed, but i do hope they help. Good luck with your install
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        Thank you for the details.

        There were several radical changes to the interior and exterior prior to the 4th gens. So far I have found nothing. Appears that mine will be (from what I can find) the first 4th gen to have this done.


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          no problem. I've never been inside any Eclipse so i wasn't too sure, but seeing how the exterior has changed so much. I hope you were able to get a few ideas from those threads.

          Being first is not a bad thing at all What are your plans for hardware?
          1998 Camaro Worklog Starting over, New setup for 2010


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            Hi Drew,

            Sorry for the late reply.

            Still trying to figure out what LCD to get. I don't have a load of cash to spend, but I already picked up the GPS received (came with M$ Streets and Tips) and an ok WiFi card. I also have a bluetooth adapter (both linksys).

            I am going to use Digital FX skin.

            I am stuck on what LCD to get. I was thinking of the lilliput that has the motorized screen, FM and TV tuners. However, the reviews say it sucks hard. I need one that is similar, but reliable and sunlight readable.

            I am using iGuidance for GPS.


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              a sunlight readable flip out? Most of them arn't the best for anything other than the screen/touchscreen.
              Sounds like you already have a good amount of peripherals. What about motherboard, processor and power supply?
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                I am unsure of what exactly to get yet. I was really hoping I would find someone else with a 4th Gen (or G4 as other forums call it) to see where someone put their system to make it look like it was stock or close to it. That way I would know what kind of head and environmental conditions I need to consider before purchasing. Since this won't be used for gaming but rather just video, tuning, etc I don't think a dual core is needed. So I thought perhaps a cheap bundle from MP3car would do. Thoughts?


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                  I agree that a dual core is overboard. The stores bundles are good, but i've only used full sized motherboards. I've had a 1.0Ghz and now my 2.4Ghz and in the car you can't really tell a difference in speeds.
                  1998 Camaro Worklog Starting over, New setup for 2010


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                    Yes, I saw some of your pictures. Unfortunately I don't have that kind of space in my car...I have a large sub in the back and very little space for the wife lol

                    Ultimately I want to hide it all inside the dash somehow and hide the wires. I would rather not have a flip screen, but if I don't I have no idea where I would mount the slim DVD.