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power coming from m/b when no battery?

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  • power coming from m/b when no battery?

    Hi all..
    suddenly experiencing some wierd things with my motherboard..

    firstly im running an opus 150w power supply..
    turned the car off so (checked with multimeter) only constant power and ground is available. no accessories voltage is coming through.

    put the plug in..and the psu starts up. (also a neon i have running).

    check the pins of the psu and theres a small amount of voltage coming through the psu.. (like 0.4V).
    so i take the motherboard battery out, disconnect all input devices (usb, monitor etc) and the voltage drops..(to like 0.05). now i put the power plug back in and it starts whirring again!

    how is there power in the m/b with no 3V battery?
    really really confused...please help.

    (btw, checked on home pc with just power spply and same story happens..)


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      theopus keeps the +5v powered all the time.

      they do a service to "repair" this, contact them for info , however, keeping the +5v on all the time is part of the atx spec, so the unit isnt faulty.

      the m2 doesnt exhibit this behaviour


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        thanks for your reply, really appreciate it.

        how does it keep the +5V when theres no battery etc. connected to it ? its like its drawing power from what source?

        thanks for the info, ill contact opus and see what they can do about it..
        did a search on the forums, doesn't anyone else experience this ?? most carpc n00bs on here run opus's don't they..?