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USB Bluetooth on Car my car stereo?

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  • USB Bluetooth on Car my car stereo?


    My Car stereo has a USB input plug for flash drives etc.

    I have read about USB Bluetooth adapters/dongles that you can plug directly into a USB compliant device i.e Printer.

    In doing so no software install is required as the Bluetooth Dongle acts as a 'host'

    See Here

    Could there be a chance that I could add Bluetooth to my stereo if I was able to locate such an adapter and plug it into the USB input?

    Alternatively are there any other options you guys have discovered to get some Bluetooth activity happening.

    thank you<br /><br />

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    I highly doubt it since your stereo needs to know what to do with a BlueTooth device. Chances are, it won't know what to do with it.

    I'm guessing you're wanting BlueTooth phone support...if that's the case, then no, just adding a BT USB dongle will not give you BT phone functionality on your head unit.
    Jan Bennett
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