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P2140 mini install questions.

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  • P2140 mini install questions.

    Okay, I posted this message in the support forum for carnetix, but I am trying to maximize my input. This is the following that i have

    P2140 and macpac cables.

    I am a complete newbie here...and I want to make sure I take the right steps. I've seen a preliminary manual out there, but was wondering if there was a step by step guide to the install? I've been reading the posts and I see things like...P5V...I have no idea what that is or if they affect me. What sort of wire is used to connect to the battery? What is the first step I take in the instal?

    The install is going to an intel mac mini

    I have the macpac cables. In the package I recieved: 8 pin connector along with blue, brown, black and red cables. Along with two sets of 'y' cables..containing green and black wires. So where the in the world do these wires connect to?

    As for the P2140, it came with two sets of wires, one 6 pin and another 8 pin. What about the usb? Do I have to buy that cable separetly?

    I imagine the 8 pin from the macpac cable connects to the one end of the P2140. I also imagine the 6 pin cable that was in the box with the P2140, connects to the other side of the unit with the 6 pin female plug. Next to it is the other connecter(possibly usb) what goes in there? Where do I get the cable for that? I wish some detailed instructions had come with the unit...

    On the 6 pin plug (that came with the P2140) I have the following:

    1 yellow wire - to ignition wire. (okay...just gotta find the ignition)

    2 black wires - i merge the two and ground them on the car (okay)

    2 red wires - i merge them and connect to a 15 am fuse? (according to manual) Not exactly sure how to do this...and from there to battery?

    1 blue wire - to a remote trigger (audio amp) I do not have an amp, I do have an auto-start unit for my there a connection anywhere?

    I still don't know what to do with the red, black, brown and blue and extra long white wire on the macpac cable.....and the green/black y cables.

    Detailed help/instructions would be appreciated.