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No onboard video... (need a PCI-E card)

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  • No onboard video... (need a PCI-E card)

    Never thought I'd be disappointed that there isn't an onboard video card...

    Got my processor today, so I busted out my motherboard from it's box, and realize it doesn't have an onboard video.

    Anyone recommend a cheap PCI-E card that you might be using yourself for your carpc?

    Seems about the cheapest price is roughly $35 shipped on Newegg and is 128mb (not that it's needed).


    How much power consumption are some graphics cards? I believe I've found a comparison showing the 7300le is relatively low. Starting to get power concerns now...

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    Came across this thread about graphic card power consumption: Link

    Seems the Nvidia 7300LE or GS is the way to go if you have to use PCI-Express.

    Ends up being around $50 from newegg.

    Just goes to show that my friend was right when he said expect to pay far more than you originally planned for this project. Everytime I turn around, it's another $50 here, $50 there.

    If anyone has a different opinion on a PCI-Express card let me know, but 16w-24w seems pretty low (if accurate).


    Double posted =(