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  • USB Sound Problem

    You can view all my CarPC stats in my profile to the left; you can see that it's a fairly powerful machine but yet I still have a problem with my USB sound.

    I just got my install done on Sunday and have been trying to work out final kinks this week. The sound card however is disagreeing with me. When playing music throughout the songs it will 'skip'. At first I thought that this might be a problem with my long USB run: approximately 30ft total and thru one hub. Well today I shortened the run to be about 12ft total straight from the PC. The problem still existed.

    I also tried other things like install the actual drivers (Windows normally installs a default USB audio driver) but that also didn't help at all.

    Does anyone have any other suggestions? Should I get another USB sound card? Possibly the Silverstone DAC?
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