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  • newbie mother board

    Yea im a newbie and i wanted to know whats a good motherboard and processor to use to start off with my Car Mp3 Player please give me links and stuff to check out I am very serious in building one of these cool machines

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    Hi There !!

    Well im a newbie as well to the MP3 car stuff, but have worked with computers for the last 12 years.

    1. Size ?
    2. What do you like to do with the carputer ? Only MP3 or , DVD, Divx and all other related computer stuff.
    3. OS
    4. Budget
    5. Future proof

    My self it going for a Micro ATA of Flex Micro ATA board for a 478 P4 at 1600 Mhz , not the fastest CPU but it gives me the option to upgrade later.

    Look at :


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      Re: Motherboard

      not the fastest CPU but it gives me the option to upgrade later.
      you're playing wc3 in your car or what? lool!

      i thought that 800 would be enuff, guess i was wrong )
      My cars


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        800 Mhz enough

        Nah not me , concentrating on the driving , but the wife of my daughter might like to play some games during trips,,,

        and I assume you are referring to the VIA 800 ???

        on the things I've seen and test I've done it will be enough for MP3 but not for all the stuff you can do with a normal computer, why put any limits on the system ???

        I mean i spent $4000 on the Headunit and amp for the car , so beeing as crazy as i am , why Not ??