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DVD Drive Boot problems

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  • DVD Drive Boot problems


    I am having similar problems to these....

    However, my setup is a little different (thus the solutions talked about don't seem to apply). I have a Pioneer K06 suggested by 2K1Toaster ( in a Aluminum External Slim Drive Enclosure ( The enclosure is powered by a 150W inverter, which powers both the DVD drive and a usb hub -- the doesn't have anything attached.

    As with the previous threads -- my system may/maynot boot with the dvd drive attached. If it doesn't boot -- it will hang during post, before checking the memory. If it does boot, the drive may stop responding and/or not show up at all in windows. This is the 2nd drive I have attempted this with, and it showed similar types of problems.

    Please look at my car specs (I try and keep it updated) to see how my ride is configured.

    Thanks in advance.


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    It sounds like a power problem. I've had a similar problem only to figure out I was having power problems. If the drive isn't getting power constantly it can cause this.

    Since you say the solutions mentioned in the other threads didn't fix the issue I'm going to assume you've tried them? New/different USB cable, different USB port, etc. Can you power the drive without using the inverter? Can you use an extension chord and plug it into a wall plug to try and eliminate the inverter as the cause?

    Has it always done this or has it just started doing this?
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      I had the same problem. Even with a powered USB hub, it didn't work on boot. I ended up getting an Opus ITX case and plugged the DVD drive into the IDE port and built in power supply. Works great every time. I've heard people had better luck w/ firewire versus USB.
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        Thanks for the replies,

        Sorry about not stating what I have tried....

        The DVD drive, either the K06 or the previous model, has always acted flacky. I initially figured it had to do with the drives orientation (slot pointed up) which is what prompted me to get the K06. For other reasons, I have gone through 3 power inverters -- and as I recall, the same type of problems.

        NOTE: flacky doesn't always equal non-boot. It could mean drive not showing up in windows or showing up and then disappering from windows.

        I originally had the DVD drive connected to my computer (located in the trunk) which required an extension (3 meters?), since that wasn't working -- I took of the extension and plugged into a usb hub (located under the rear seat) with the same results.

        Powering the drive without the inverter would be difficult as it's not in a readly accessible location.

        Thanks again,



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          3 months later and I still haven't figured this out. I changed out the inverter, replacing it with this one...

          It's a modified sine wave (see price). I still have the same problems. So should I be looking for a pure sine wave or should I try firewire?

          I failed to mention that I tried different usb cables, which didn't help either.

          Any ideas I haven't tried/thought of?


          Carpal tunnel wasn't acting up today, so I dug into my car and replaced the power coming from my inverter with power from the house (via an extension cord). Everything worked (multiple reboots, played audio cd for 30 minutes)... Reconnected my inverter -- and it still worked, for a time. For the next 2 hours all was good, but afterwards it returned to it's old ways. Does this suggest a "true sine wave" inverter is needed?