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Hard Drive mounting opinions wanted (pics)

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  • Hard Drive mounting opinions wanted (pics)

    I have the HD mounted with brackets and gel filled mounts from a sony cd changer to dampen vibration. my question is about the angle. the first pic is laying down, the board will be mounted vertically and the HD will be at the angle shown. will that cause damage?

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    Should work ok. I actually like the mounts and I have a few old changers laying around. My first mount was laying flat. That froze like crazy over bumps and hard shifts and eventually killed the drive. Then I mounted it more rigid to the car chassis with zero suspension. That worked much much better but again the drive died after a year or so. Then I found what works the best for me. Drive facing front to back (with the car) but at a 45 angle. This last drive has been in there for about 2 years now and mind you, I have a 150+db sound system in my car. It does skip from time to time when I really crank up the volume ( I have 6 15" subs) but for driving never once. Try it, see what happens.
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      You should also search the forums. This topic has been discussed to death.
      Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
      How about the Wiki?

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