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Custom Phono Jack with DPST Switch

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  • Custom Phono Jack with DPST Switch

    I want to be able to switch between the inputs on my upcoming system.The radio has one aux input. So, I wanted to mount a phono jack in the car (probably 6 jacks) and be able to switch between them.

    Which switch should I use. Could I switch between 6 inputs? (mac, pod, xbox).

    and I'm new to DPDT or DPST switches and I think I could do it. Just want to know if its possible and if anyone has any pointers.
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    dpdt and dpst would NOT be good enough for up to 6 inputs..

    well, it could be done, but it would be incredibly annoying (at least to me)..

    although i dont really have a better idea for you, im sure someone will


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      Phone jacks

      Well assuming that your aux input to your head unit accepts input without an adaper (see Perhiperals Aux2Car and such), I would sugest that you select the audio input source that is most likely to be used as the input the the Aux port (one that is hard mounted in the car). Wire from this device through a 3.5MM Stero Shielded Phone Jack (such as Kobiconn Phone Jack available from Mouser Electronics, pn 161-3553) to the Aux port using high quality shielded coax cables. Then you can jack (via Male - Male mini stero phone cable) items such iPods, MP3 players, etc as your other input sources.

      You can down load the data sheet for the connector and take a look. Go to and search on the part number.

      This is the part that I am using in two of my cars.

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        something like this might be a little more realistic, although more difficult to install..

        then you could use whatever amount of inputs u want