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    Okay i have a 133mhz laptop that i really want to use for my mp3 player. I just have a few quuestions:

    1- I plan on using a 2x16 lcd display but am not sure how i will power it other that putting a power supply in my car.

    2- I want to put the computer in my trunk so i am not sure how I am gonna turn it on and off without going in the trunk??

    2 - I want to get a portable hard drive for it so i can easily put files on. The problem here is that i really want to make it DOS bassed and i think most of these are usb. I know some are parell but i need that for the lcd and i need the serial port for the irman.

    Thanks ahead for all your help.

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    1) Not sure on that one.

    2)The best way I can think of is to open up the laptop and solder wires across the power switch for a remote power switch.

    3)Get a PCMCIA hard drive. Some come with drivers for dos. Or make your own HDD cable so you can remove the internal drive.
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      1) - you can get 5v off of the ps/2 port. Just cut up an old mouse or keyboard cable and look for it.

      2) He is correct, i just soldered a momentary push button onto mine.

      3) I have several un-used 2gb toshiba PCMCIA hard drives, if you are interested in purchasing one.
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        the ps2 port will work for power, although if you didnt want to run lines from the trunk, if you had/found/made a 12v to 5v lcd converter you could power the lcd from the car power at the front of the car.

        also, some 2x16 lcds can take a range of voltage, so find out what yours can take.

        although, if it says 5v only, make sure it only gets 5v. i was installing a 2x16 char screen on the front of my computer case, and i hooked it up to 12v by accident, and its busted now. it made some of the green back light leds turn red though.
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          3) I have several un-used 2gb toshiba PCMCIA hard drives, if you are interested in purchasing one.

          How much do you want for the 2gb PCMCIA
          and will you ship to Scotland?