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    Hello MP3Car Members,

    G-NET Canada Car Computing is currently developing a new version of our digital dash software, most of you have heard about our company, some have positive comments some may have negative comments in regards to our auto pc products. The fact is that we were never trying to market auto pc products to the average home brew builder, we understand that some people with the technical knowledge would rather built their own Auto PC, and that is just fine.

    So for these people we are now marketing Digital Dash as a separate entity, this software is going to be available in two versions, a free version (which has limited functionality) and full blown version that must be paid for.

    Let me start by introducing the features in this new version:
    -Windows 95/98/XP/2000 Compatible
    -Features O/S front end with MP3 Player, DVD Player, Video Player, GPS, Internet buttons that whose links are user customizable (so you can change the external software you use yourself!)
    -Integrated MP3 player optimized for fullscreen and use on a small LCD, although not as feature packed as winamp it still shares the same functions as a car cd player would have
    -Integrated Video Player
    -Integrated web browser optimized for small LCD's (for users who have wireless internet in their car)

    So as you can see its really going to be a cool application, however, the point of this e-mail is to ask the following questions, please answer in a reply below or send us an e-mail from our web site

    1) What screen resolution do you run on your Auto PC? Would a 640x480 only version be fine for final release or should an 800x600 version or higher be available?

    2)There will be a free limited version and a paid version, we are currently setting the price of the full paid version between $39-$49 USD, is this fairly reasonable, and would you as a home brew Auto PC builder be interested in purchasing such software after trying a limited version?

    Thats all for now.

    Shawn Gusz
    G-NET Canada
    Car Computing

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