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internal antenna's for FM or TV

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  • internal antenna's for FM or TV


    I am replacing my windscreen with an Athermic windscreen and although the manufacturer claims that their new improved version does not hinder Tollway tags or mobile phone reception, i am needing to organise an internal antenna that will stick to the inside top of the front windscreen. The factory windscreen uses a built in radio antenna, but no one makes the athermal windscreens with the built in antenna.

    So i am hoping that some ppl here can suggest what are some really good internal radio antennas! I will eventually need to also get an internal TV antenna too!

    Thanks in advance.

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    Still looking for an stick on TV/FM antenna

    What are most people using for TV/FM antenna?

    I found this Accelevision Amplified Flat Panel Car TV Antenna which sits between your headliner and roof!

    All help is appreciated.