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    This may belong in general if so feel free to move it, sorry in advance.

    So I have been debating this over and over for weeks. This is my 3rd CarPC setup and I wanted to go all out this time and do it right. I had feed back and "popping, or thumping" issues with the audio last time. So this is what I have decided to go for basically:

    Dell SX260 - PC
    CNX-P2140 - PSU
    Audigy 2 NX - Car Audio to PC
    Some random *** touch screen I picked up off ebay (same model I used in my last install)

    This is the basic setup so far. Obviously Im going to add GPS amount other things later. I picked the PSU mainly because of all the extra features it has as well as the higher wattage. (Im going to wire it into my door locks so the PC turns on when I unlock the doors)

    This setup came after deciding not to use the crap I have laying around my house IE: P4 small form factor mobo out of an old optiplex, building a custom case my self out of plexi-glass and other random stuff, using a shutdown controller with a 200Watt standard power supply. Any way what do you all think, any suggestions or input is much appreciated.