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unputting speed/revs etc to pc

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  • unputting speed/revs etc to pc

    anyone ever made hardware to input speed etc in to there pc's?

    i owuld really like ot be able to record speed vs time etc to get 0-60 and 1/4 mile times.

    rev could be brought in fromt he same wire that sends to the rev counter and i could fit a gearbox speed sensor soemwhere to my current speedo drive cable.

    the rev counter is a puncing negetive i believe and the speedo would be a hall effect sensor.

    ever been done before? or would it be do able farly easyly? currently the only input is if the car is unlocked which turns pc on and if the ignition is on which opens/closes winamp.

    software aint a problem its just getting it in to my software.