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Mitch's Sirius Interface - Radio Not Found

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  • Mitch's Sirius Interface - Radio Not Found

    OK. I had one hell of a time to get the computer to work with the Sirius tuner when I first got it (about 1 year ago). I finally got it to work and packed it away and have not used it since. I am trying to implement it into the car at this point and Mitch's demo program keeps saying that the "radio is not found". I have 2 serial com ports on the back of my computer (should be com1/com2) and they look to be enabled within the BIOS and my computer sees them under the device manager.

    I have verified voltage to the SIR-ALP1 unit on the three wires through the molnex connector. Black is ground, Yellow is constant +, and the brown is switched +.

    Is there any other debugging I can do? Perhaps through Hyperterminal? Is there anyway to verify my COM1/COM2 ports are infact operational? Thanks.

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    Have you tried posting on Mitch's site (


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      Yes, I was just hoping someone else here might have some suggestions..espcially if it is not his interface but rather a setting on my computer. Thanks.