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HP epc C10 xp install,usb ports,expansion and DAB radio

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  • HP epc C10 xp install,usb ports,expansion and DAB radio

    I am new to carputers, but OK building PC's and basic electronics but weak on programming. I am building my first car PC. Based on a HP epc C10 and Lilliput GL701.

    I have changed the Hard drive to a larger 120Gb and also changed the CD ROM for a DVD ROM. I have had some trouble here first the C10 will not boot from CD (in the DVD Rom) even though the bios is set to boot from CD first.
    As workaround I put the drive in desktop as a master booted from xp install CD and installed windows. Now boots into XP from hard drive on desktop OK. But it refuses to boot from the C10. I tried install under FAT32 and NFDS.

    I then used Ghost to copy from original Hard drive to Larger drive this now boots OK in C10. I now am thinking of a front end and trimming XP for fast boot, but am a bit concerned about the drive/install issues. Any suggesters?

    From my experience with some usb devices using Vista on a desktop a lot of devices require USB 2.0 and wont run on USB 1.1. Now the C10 has USB 1.1 and no pci slot for expansion.

    I wonder if there is a way get USB 2.0 to work at full speed not just plug a 2.0 hub into the 1.1 usb port.

    Could any thing be done in bios and use some form of interface into the IDE set as a slave on cable select or is this used for the CD/DVD ROM

    Here in UK we have DAB radio not XM like the US anyone any experience of DAB on CAR PC?