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Intel mini ITX setup problem.

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  • Intel mini ITX setup problem.

    I got an intel valley board and I tried to start it up but my mouse and keyboard won't work. power shows up to the mouse from it's red light, but they don't work.

    the keyboard does not respond before the old OS from last computer even loads, so what can i do?

    how can I even reinstall? but i'd rather keep the old OS

    please help!!!


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    are you using USB or p/s2 mouse. if you are using USB you have to enable USB legacy support in the BIOS.


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      Do you think it could be my touchscreen driver for the lilliput? (but i don't even have the lilliput plugged in) but I've heard that windows sometimes mistakes the lilliput driver or just the usb cord from it as a mouse or keyboard.

      it's acting weird

      might have something to do with the old OS on this very unique motherboard bios.

      I got it to work with a different keyboard and then usb mouse, thought it was cause i switched to a molex to p4-12v power cable.

      but when i put the regular mouse and my old keyboard on, not working again.

      Well, I have a usb mouse working, but don't have a usb keyboard to try.

      I checked the device manager and I have no conflicts or error anywhere.

      I'm thinking that my mouse and keyboard ports are defective.

      it can't be a bios setting because I can't even get into the bios because you have to press delete to get there. (i can't get it to work at all now)

      any thoughts?

      oh, another thing that makes me wonder is how these intel boards come in bulk packaging with NO Protection from things hitting the parts on the board. So if my board is messed up I'm sure it's from not having a box and getting banged around.

      i'm gonna be ****ed if that's the case.