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New to carputer - will this setup work (and what about XM)?

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  • New to carputer - will this setup work (and what about XM)?

    I normally post on Anandtech, but dacullen responded to a thread I made and said this was the place. I've done some research, but still have some questions.

    Here's what I have now
    97 Ford Explorer

    Kenwood CD player that I've already wired for an aux in (1/8" input). Runs 4 door speakers and to a sub in the back. Sub has a built in amp connected directly to the battery.

    XM Radio SkyFi cradle/antenna (the original). The antenna goes into the cradle, along with a 12v line. Then there is an 1/8" out that connects to my 1/8" in on the CD player.

    Easy enough. The cradle is switched so it turns on and off with the car, as is the CD player (duh). I just switch inputs to change between XM and a CD.

    What I'm wanting to do is run a carputer so I'm not limited to the capacity of a CD, and have additional functionality.


    2 cameras (front and back)

    Doesn't need to do games or texting or anything other than the above. Minimal input on my part.

    I want it to come on when I start the car, as well as turn off. Not have to sit thru a full boot each time, and not have to worry about it staying on when I turn the car off.

    Rig idea thus far (cheap is a priority):

    Intel D201GLYL Lilypad thing $65
    1GB DDR2 $15
    Morex case with 60w power supply $75
    2.5" HDD Free (already have)
    Lilliput EBY701 7" Touchscreen $175
    Win XP Pro Free (already have)

    I'll set this up in my house before installing it, so no need for a CD drive or mouse/keyboard in the vehicle.

    I'll put the screen down where my XM stuff is now (kinda in front of the cupholder area). There is no sun that gets down there, and enough room to fit a small screen without much mounting trouble.

    Will a screen run off the switched 12v I already have running to the XM cradle?

    Then run the VGA cable and USB touchscreen cable will go between the console and driver seat to the computer which will be under the rear seats. The audio out will run back up to the CD players audio in through the conduit in the sentance prior (where the XM goes to now). And computer power will tie into the rear cigarette lighter (assuming it's a 5 amp switched outlet...?).

    I can add webcams and GPS receivers later, and not worried about software at this time, just the hardware aspect and wiring.

    What I don't know is how to use my XM stuff. I don't want to use the Skyfi unit I have, would much rather be able to browse channels and stuff with the touchscreen. But is there a way to do that? Is there a way to run the antenna into the computer and use my account somehow?

    Any pointers or problems you can forsee?

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    Tagged for answer (need to do something similar).
    PDP1170/TRS80/Atari800XL/Amiga500/286/486/P2/P4/C2D/i7 still a newb (but an old newb, been doing this a while) working my way up to "Complete Newb"


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      Originally posted by Jistari View Post
      Tagged for answer (need to do something similar).

      I have no idea what power supply that morex is, but I would suggest getting the Ampie/Ampie 2 case with a M2 or one of the Opus cases. Reason being is they have automatic startup/shutdown controllers (SDC).

      As far as sat radio, both XM and Sirius have PC interfaces. You need a special receiver, and special custom board that plugs into your computer:


      Also do not use your cigarette lighter to power your PC. It may have enough to power the screen and miinimal other stuff. So run a dedicated wire for the PC at a minimum. You can use the cigarette lighter for the ignition trip wire on the SDC if it is a switched wire. But do not use it to power the PC.

      And yes I realize this thread is old.
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        I have pretty much the same idea in mine... my first carputer i'm sticking towards the lower end.

        Not trying to hi-jack this thread but I think we could both benefit from this...

        I also plan on also using the Lilliput EBY701 Touchscreen, anyone have some first hand experience, thoughts & comments?

        I can't tell you much about the hardware but I would suggest running a slim version of XP... you certainly don't need all teh bloated car for a CarPC application and certainly benefit from the speed increase.

        Originally posted by 2k1Toaster View Post
        And yes I realize this thread is old.
        i didnt... lol


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          what's funny is I never did anything except buy the screen and got sidetracked.

          as I got back into looking buying stuff for Christmas gifts from my folks to me, I got an email that this thread was updated. Funny coincidence

          I haven't decided much yet. still going with the Little Valley and that Liliput. That's about it. researching now