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4 CF low profile PCI adaptor

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  • 4 CF low profile PCI adaptor

    I just wanted to announce that I found a CF card adapter that fits into a standard PCI slot and allows for up to 4 cards to be installed. This is great for people like me with a small form factor pc in their trunk in really cold temperature. Also allows for cheaper CF cards to be used and require no cables.

    The link to the product page is below:

    I use a single CF card adapter from them but it doesn't hold enough so now I'm looking for expansion and I have found it! The previous CF adapter works great, I think I'm going to leave it in the system too.


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    I purchased the above adapter. It doesn't work well with the 133x Transcend Cards. I have not tried it yet with my 266X Transcend card yet as I have problems right now with low temperatures. The adapter reads the cards as fixed disk but won't setup raid nor read it in the udma modes. Only Mdma and PIO which are slower.

    My ide adapter from addonics has issues with the cold. It may just be my transcend 266X card but I doubt it. I'm going to get a sata adapter and try that. Expect more info soon.