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Upgrading my MOBO - a few questions

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  • Upgrading my MOBO - a few questions

    Hello. I'm currently running a jetway board with the 1.5 via processor. I got this off ebay when I first built this computer and while it's served me well, I think I'm going to upgrade in the coming months.

    I am thinking of going with a p4. Here are my wants in the new mobo:

    -power consumption - the jetway and all of my accessories are running fine off my m2-atx. I do not want to change that and have to upgrade my power supply. How can I make sure the board/cpu I'm looking at won't drain me?

    -good onboard sound and video. I'm not crazy about the sound onboard the jetway I'm using now. If I can get good built in sound and avoid using a sound card that would be great. Same with video.


    That's basically it. Obviously microitx would be best but whatever.

    I saw this board at Any thoughts on it?

    If anyone knows of a mobo/cpu combo that fits the bill for me I'd love to hear suggestions.