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Really basic question on HD radio tuners....

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  • Really basic question on HD radio tuners....

    Been looking at the various threads here on hardware and the neat 'user developed' software solutions for integrating HD radio into CarPcs.....

    Just wanted to know if all the current hardware options for HD Radio require an actual physical audio cable connection to the PC, or does it digitally decode the stream through the serial or USB connection? (I am guessing NOT)

    I already have the XM PCR and have only one 1/8" stereo line in jack on the motherboard....didn't want to start getting into line switchers etc...

    Any ideas before I buy the hardware?

    Thanks in advanced-


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    Most Motherboards have a CD-IN or AUX-IN audio line which you can use to run the audio from the device in question through the motherboard... I have Sirius, TV+FM Radio and a microphone running into the computer without a line switch..
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      holy crap man, you are right, I totally forgot that on my new Jetway JF9 board that it has another aux input header for line and mic...... here is the kicker..... I ALREADY have this header hooked up to a combo panel that I raped out of a new gateway computer that has the audio in/out jacks and the firewire jack I use for my slot load DVD burner!!! Thing was, I have it buried under the dash since I didn't plan on using it! Out of site, of of mind.

      Thanks for the kick in the head, looks like I will order up that software/hardware combo package that guys is selling.