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pioneer DVR-k05 drivers??

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  • pioneer DVR-k05 drivers??

    Can someone please point me to the drivers for the
    DVD rw slim drive pioneer DVR-K05.

    Can't seem to find them online and the pioneer page has issues.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Erm....why do you need drivers?

    Windows should support this without any issues - mine at least does...
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      I too had no problem just plugging it in and calling it a day. You shouldn't need drivers for it, no matter what OS you are running.


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        that's what I was thinking as well.

        this unit has the usb plug and is powered by a 5volt source.
        I finally got it to install by plugging in the USB first then the 5 volt power then windows would find it as pioneer usb....
        If I plug the power in first then the USB to the drive I would get windows can't recognize device or device had a malfunction.

        I think I am good now though.
        Thanks for the replies though.


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          Oh, mine is not not usb... mine connects to IDE via a laptop cdrom adapter. Is it in a usb housing? Is the housing also by Pioneer? That is what you need the drivers for, not the dvd drive itself. Search for drivers for whatever model number is on the usb housing for that drive.


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            Yeah I should have mentioned that.
            It is a internal slim drive stuck in a Exterior housing converted over to USB.
            Thanks again for your feedback.