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  • my electrical issues

    ok, before anyone says it, I did do a search. I'm probably searching wrong or something. Anyway...

    First, How do you choose which DC/DC PSU to get? Do you just look off of the one currently in the PC? I see so many different ones out there and would like to go this route!


    I have 12VDC Transformers (120AC->12DC) which is used for my HDs. When connecting it to the system directly, it takes some time but will eventually die. Using an inverter has solved this problem. Would using a DC/DC PSU for just a regulated 12V supply work the same or is there something else that would do it.

    I don't know much about these devices and would like to get rid of my 300W inverter any way possible.

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    2 things to consider when picking the dc - dc supply.

    1. at or atx, this depends on your motherboard. ( it will have a connection for one or the other, or sometimes both)
    if it has connectors for both, I would use AT

    2. each part of your system ( motherboard, HD, CD rom, Etc. ) draws power from the supply. you must add up all the requirements for these parts and find a supply with a rating equal to or greater than the total requirements of the parts.

    The arise power supply, rated at 65 Watts is enough for most small systems. If you are hooking up a lot of periferals, you will need more power. the professional line of supplies starts at around 100 Watts, this is enough to cover most larger systems.
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