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Below freezing: Cant resume from Hibernation.

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  • Below freezing: Cant resume from Hibernation.

    Everytime it is below -10C, my carpc cant resume from hibernation properly. It will go through the BIOS check routine, go to that resuming windows screen, then only my mouse pointer shows and everything else is black and it stays like that until I force a reboot. I dont really think it is the hard drive that isnt working because it is detected just fine and I am able to do a full reboot in these low temperatures. I just cannot resume from hibernation properly. Does anyone have any ideas on what I can try? How can I narrow things down to troubleshoot the problem?

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    last year we had about 5 deg. Celcius, and my pc booted OK, but if i tried to make a file copy after booting(say 50 files) it would fail randomly, due to i guess excessive hard disk usage is affected by cold


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      mine has been doing that lately, partly because my hard drive is probally on its way out the door.
      It booted fine last year even when it was -30*C. If you have a regular wheel bearing hard drive it should work just fine unless its almost broken.


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        Ok, so I guess maybe it could be a drive problem. Luckily, I have several old drives that I put the carpc image on and can test. The older drives use wheel and not fluid bearings, but does anyone know how to determine if a drive is using wheel bearings? Maybe some of the older members here might remember around what year did drive manufacturers start to use fluid bearings?


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          Ok my new seagate ee25 automotive grade drive just came in and I am still getting the same problem, so I know its not the drive. Ive read one person has had problems with their usb hub functioning in the cold, so hopefully its just my usb 2.0 card thats freezing up the computer. I've removed the card and will test it out later. Can a pci card freeze up the computer on resume from hibenation? The computer can cold boot into windows at -20C, but cannot resume from hibernation so I have no idea what could be wrong.