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Blank Screen after Standby

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  • Blank Screen after Standby

    Searched and didn't come up with anything. When resuming from standby on my Jetway J7F21G5D Mobo, about 9 out of 10 times, I get a colored screen (solid colors - green, red, yellow, no rhyme or reason why the colors are different) and then I get a blank screen. If I power off and back on the video typically comes on like normal.

    The same thing happens after a cold boot, except I get the bios and windows xp bootup screens, but when it gets ready to load the desktop, it goes blank. I will have to go to standby and back out in order to get the video back up like normal.

    Is this a common problem, and is there an easy fix?? This is killing me!

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    Has no one had this problem?


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      I'm having this issue on a new install of XP that I put on my system. It never happened before, but I had other issues like touchscreen wouldn't load up after standby. So, I bought a new hard drive and wanted to do a fresh install of XP and used new mobo drivers. This may be the problem for me and you. Try different drivers if they are available... I would start with video drivers, but I know in my case, I don't even get any indication that the system has started (no audio resuming or anything like that... neither can I go to standby again). I would also try to update the chipset drivers. Lastly, try to remove all usb devices before going into standby (beside a mouse, just for getting to the standby button) and if this helps, go one by one until you find the culprit.

      Well, that's where I am starting anyway. Good luck!

      FYI - for the time being, hibernation works like a charm for me right now. Touchscreen always resumes as well as everything else. Just hate waiting 15s for instead of 4s.


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        I fixed my issue. It was a set of bad drivers for the enhanced 2.0 usb controller. Well, the drivers were WHQL and all, but had this standby issue, so I went into device manager, updated drivers and chose "Don't search..." so that I could choose from the available, supported drivers available. One of the three available worked well. No problems. Now I can get in and out of standby without any problems. Much better.

        Check your mobo manufacturer or if you're like me, my board had a via chipset. So, check the chipset manufacturer for updated drivers.