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VIA PX10000 (PICO) problem

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  • VIA PX10000 (PICO) problem


    I would like use S3 suspend state but I can't prepare to work it...
    Im try in BIOS change suspend mode to S1, S3 and S1&S3 but fan is still turn on and sistem power consumption is 0.5A max on normal state with 8" LCD is 2.4A. Im try reinstal windows but is same. Im instal last drivers to and is same... Im try instal Windows Vista but on start instaling give me some ACPI conflict and can't install it... I have 1.04 BIOS on VIA page is latest 1.03 so I can't upgrade it to newer...
    Is there someone who had same problem and know solution?
    Thanks for any help.

    Bye, _Dejan_

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    Nobody can't help? Im try conntact VIA but they didn't reply...


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      Have a look at this:


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        Thanks for reply and link but I can't find nothing what will help me. So if I understant him he said there is something wrong with BIOS? I dont know how VIA can release board ant tell support S3 without test this settings...
        So there is nothing to do? then I must RMA board... :S


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          Today Im receive this email from VIA support:
          the full S3 is not supported by the PX board. As a result of the small
          size of the motherboard there are not all functions realised and
          planned. You can use the S3, but no all function of it. The H/W circuit
          is not supported, so the fan and HDD won't stop.