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Windows wont boot

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  • Windows wont boot

    Hello, sorry if this is the wrong place to post this question.

    I have an install of Windows XP, RoadRunner, Freephone, and my touch scrren software, all installed on a harddrive, with EWF installed and working.

    Now the problem is when I ghost that image to a CF card, the ghosting goes good, says all completed. Shut down computer, go into BIOS turn everything off, so the only boot option is the card nothing else plugged in, I see the animation of the Windows boot screen, but then the computer just resets and re-tries.

    Now the image on the hard drive is fine, i can boot straight into Windows with it.

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    ive had this problem before, but only with hard drives running media center. try putting the device in a computer and running check disk on it, that usually fixes it.
    as for the section, this should be software
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      How do you have the cf card connected? through the USB? or is there a connection on the motherboard itself. If its through USB like a card reader or something then you cant just expect to ghost it and expect windows to be fine. Search in google about booting windows from a USB flash drive (same principle applies to what your doing) If your mobo has a CF connection on it Then you will most likely need to run a windows repair.

      Windows will load the old IDE controller that it was hooked up originally before and thats why its restarting. You need to change the IDE controller to a standard generic before you ghost otherwise a windows repair.....