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  • OHV mounting

    G'day Folks,

    Wanted to get some input, moving my carputer over to my 4runner (basic laptop install, no visible screen (controled via wifi with my palm)).

    However the 4runner poses some challenges - given it's actually used daily as a 4x4 (hoping between commercial construction sites + weekend wheeling). Truck is forever coated in mud/dust, rides like crap (stiff suspension), and I've got the top off most of the summer.

    Plan is to mount the laptop in a case inside the rear seatback, obviously I'll need some filters to keep the dust, mud and water out. And I'll be using some vibration isolators to try to reduce the big jarring impacts. That should keep the laptop itself mostly safe.

    Any thoughts on what todo with the ancillary devices? The webcams I had in the vdub were basic USB notebook cams, using a cheap ebay SIRF3 GPS mouse... Kinda stuck on how/where to mount those or if I should be upgrading...

    Any thoughts?

    Thanks in advance,