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USB FM solution good or crap?

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  • USB FM solution good or crap?

    title says my quetion....
    I was just browsing for harddrives through pricewatch and ran into this... might buy it with my hard drive if its worth it.... if its crap i dont need it... anyone use this thing before?
    Hardware: Via Epia, SB Live 5.1, Travelstar 40gig laptop HD, keyboard card, IR2PC module, Opus PSU
    Equipment: 600watt jensen amp, 4 x 6&1/2 3-way 200watt pioneer speakers
    Software: Win98Micro, Winamp, No DVD, Divx, or GPS yet

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    I don't know if anyones ever ended up buying one, but the d-link usb radio has come up a number of times that I can remember, you might try searching if you haven't already to see if anything comes up.

    Since when is insanity a bad thing?


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      I have one, it works great on my desktop, haven't put it in the car yet. It has a dll that you can use if you are making custom software.

      A search would get you some more info, as well.