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Hard Drive to Handle Extreme Cold?

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  • Hard Drive to Handle Extreme Cold?

    Hey guys...I am trying to decide on which drive I want to use. I am looking at solid state drives to avoid any trouble that would be caused by vibrations, but even they have a minimum operating temperature of 32 degrees. Has anyone found a drive that will support lower temps?

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    Define "lower"................
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      my compact flash and 3.5" mechanical both worked fine over the last week and its been between 10 F and 30 F here in MI.
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        -30 deg F.
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          Thats -30 C to 85 C
          -22 F to 185 F
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            I have a regular 2.5 inch Samsung drive and it works above -10 celsius.
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              Hi All!
              I from Russia. We use simple disks of 2.5". The hard disk can not start at temperature -25 but when the car stands on warming up about 10 minutes all will start normally. Excuse for my English.


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                Covered here:
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