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Quad vs Stereo sound

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  • Quad vs Stereo sound

    anyone got any ideas why my SBLive USB (configured to have 4 speakers) only plays audio thro the front two speakers?

    The Speaker Test in the creative control panel sucessfully plays audio via the rear speakers, as do some of the DirectX tests. Both windows and sblive software are set to use 4 speakers, but winamp/wmp/wmp classic etc only play via front speakers.

    I have a faint memory of fixing this problem before on a desktop with Nvidia audio.. but my forum/google searchs this havent turned up much this time rounds.


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    I also have this problem i can only get two channels from winamp but have all channels in my centrafuse demo prog straight out of the box.Off topic a bit but the great cdr is working on a front end that uses wmp for audio and vid,will be something else.