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M10000 mobo in cold weather (-40C)? Any problems?

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  • M10000 mobo in cold weather (-40C)? Any problems?

    After much searching I am deciding on buying the EPIA M10000 motherboard. One of the big concerns for me is cold weather (down to -40C). I have two different motherboards (luckily they are free) and they both do not operate in the extreme cold. According to one post by andrewb (he did test on several motherboards) the M10000 can start up just fine at -35C:

    However, reading another post, mrzigzag says that the audio card on his M10000 gets distorted at -20C until it warms up for 15 mins:

    So before I go ahead and buy this board, can someone confirm whether this is true? Are there any cold weather related issues I should be aware of before buying this board? Or if anyone wants to recommend any board that they know for sure will work without any issues in -40C, feel free to recommend it. The board will be paired up with an M2-ATX and an automotive grade drive.

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    Cartft have don a test with a jetway started up at 40c
    Cold weather mobo list: Copy the list and add your board
    my hidden screen in action (youtube) , the worklog , RR Volvoskin


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      Yea, I already read that article but ended up getting the m10000 after maheriano said in one of his posts that it started in -40c. I tested it down to -37C without any problems.