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Sound quality problem. Please help.

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  • Sound quality problem. Please help.

    Firstable please bear with my poor english knowledge...
    I am using a PCI128 sound card wich has an already amplified ouput connector (as well as a no amplified one) and am using the amplified one directly to my speakers (IE without external amplifier).
    As a psu I have a home built Sproggy MK2 .
    The problem is that the sound quality is very poor(a kind of saturation) with the BASS audio music (low audio frequencies) and it happens when increasing the volume that the speakers stop playing and here i have to reboot the pc.

    One important thing : this problem is totally fixed when i use the original pc power supply (connected to the outlet).
    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Well, i would guess that the problem is with the Sproggy power supply. It sounds like its not giving enough AMPS on one of the supply lines. I would think its 12v that isnt high enough, maybe 5v, but i dont really know at all which one it would be.

    What type of speakers are you running from it? Do you have the speakers directly hooked to the sound card? or do you have a separate amp?

    If you have car speakers, you need to have an amp to power them. The amp that is onboard of the sound card is only a preamp, most likely not even 1 watt. To power car speakers you probably need at least 40watts.
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      Yes I have a pair of 3ways car speakers rated at 200Watt maxi and hooked directly to the card preamplified ouput. So i'm not using a separate amplifier. Do you guess it's a problem of the MK2 sproggy psu or a matter of amplifier or both. Does a sproggy MK2.6 psu may solve the problem.


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        You need to elimnate some things first, before it can be said wether or not the power supply is at fault. First, have you tried connecting regular PC speakers to your sound card. How does it sound? I'm willing to bet that you just don't have enough power going to those speakers to make them sound clear. Preamplification is only used for supplying clean line-level (not speaker level) loads. If the pc speakers sound just as crappy then it may be a problem with the power supply otherwise try using a smal 25 watt per channel (RMS) amplifier. In my opinion, although slightly more expensive this would be the best way to go. Good luck.
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          you cant expect the run the speakers from a sound cards on-board amp.... you will need to get a headunit with AUX input, or get yourself a car amplifier to run your speakers (better option)
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