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blue screen of death issues

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  • blue screen of death issues

    Hey everyone--

    I am in the middle of building of my second carputer and I am running into some issues. I reinstalled all my software to my carputer hard drive using my desktop computer components for ease of installation (I used my carputer HDD with my desktop monitor, motherboard, memory, and CDROM drive). It works perfect there.
    However, when I went to install the hard drive back into my carputer, I keep getting the blue screen of death when booting just before the Windows XP loading image would appear. I don't understand why that would happen. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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    Different motherboards/hardware between desktop and carpc will cause windows to install drivers that are not compatible with your carpc harware, and thus spazz out when booted.


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      Thanks. I just formatted and reinstalled. I was trying to avoid doing that but no big deal. Everything works great now.