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Eden Onboard Sound?

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  • Eden Onboard Sound?

    For those that have a epia board, how good is the onboard sound? I want to make a wide, flat case for my next carpc, and Im wondering if i'll need to use the pci slot for a sb live! or the like, or whether the onboard sound is on par with a good sound card. Thanks.

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    I've heard it's not so good. But why go with a PCI card when you could use a USB sound device?
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      Well people are always slagging off the EPIA sound, but I think it's alright. I plugged it into my dad's hifi (pretty damn nice - mostly arcam gear with a pair of top of the range mordaunt short floor standers) and it sounded as good as my sb live. Just remember - mute all unused devices and make sure you give it some "nice" power - otherwise it may hiss.

      Cheers - I think it is definitly nice enough for a car, and if it aint then you might as well buy an extidgy or one of those USB input sony amps.

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