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Use my touch screen to control my SONY head unit

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  • Use my touch screen to control my SONY head unit

    I want to be able to use my touch screen to control my SONY head unit. My SONY has IR remote and a joystick remote port in the back. I have a few ideas. I could (and have) search endlessly on how to build a serial to SONY joystick port adapter and try to find a software for it. I didnt find any. All I found was using the SONY joystick remote to control the computer. My second option would be using a USB IR transmitter and whatever software it came with. The problem is there isnt that I could find. Tirco is not out yet. WHo knows when it will be. I know someone out there knows something I dont know. So please help.
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    I remember the Sony desktops for a while had the Control S option, for controlling home components. Don't know if the protocol would be the same for the car stuff though...