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  • Maxing processor with DVD

    Im having an interesting problem. Im using a VIA MII 12 without a problem. Ive got a Opus 120, 512 ram, 250Gb hd. Im running RR with the normal stuff. Ive noticed before that I will tax the processor if RR is on with iGuidance in the background while watching a movie. I dont know if I should be having problems with that or not, thats not the reason for the post.

    I just recieved my slimline dvd drive, hooked it up and slid a disk in. When the disk loaded the video became choppy. So I closed everything that I didnt need so just the video program was open. With just the video program on it was still maxing the processor. If this board is supposed to be a home theater board, why am I having the trouble?

    This is the description straight from MP3Car store.

    "Providing the signature low profile, minimal noise and reduced power of the VIA EPIA series on a 17 by 17cm small form factor, the VIA EPIA MII Mini-ITX Mainboard is an “all-in-one” entertainment platform geared to the digital home. The VIA EPIA MII-Series easily slots in to a digital home infrastructure providing a vast horizon of applications that feature sophisticated connectivity including wired or wireless media servers, mobile PCs, receivers for the living room and beyond."

    Thanks for the help.

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    Is the video playign back fullscreen? The scalling alogritms may be to complex for your CPU. So try windowed mode at 100% first and see if you get any improvements.

    Also is you DVD drive USB based? If so it'll consume some cpu power as well.


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      No the dvd is running off a 40pin ide. It doesnt begin at fullscreen at first, but even then it maxes out.


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        any luck? I am having the same problem with my sp1300


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          Sort of. I found some hacks on here that allowed it to work. But im guessing that eventually im going to have to find a different mobo. I dont remember where in the forum they were, but they did work.


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            If you can get a hardware accelerated video card for dvd decoding, you can take a lot of load off your CPU. I have always been a fan of nvidia cards. Even a Nvidia 6600 with PureVideo acceleration will do wonders.

            However, if you are like me, you have no room to add a graphics card.


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              try assinging more memory to the graphics on your motherboard. You can do this in the BIOS. Try different DVD codecs. nvidia pure decoder, power dvd.....

              make sure you have drivers installed for you video card and they are up to date


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                Have you enabled hardware acceleration?

                I assume you are running one of the MS product as your OS. With any Epia boards, since the CPU and graphics processors are limited, you need to enable the off-loading of Video Decoding onto the embedded hardware decoders present on the board.

                I beleive all of the Epia boards has MPEG1/2 decoding and the newer versions have MPEG4 and even newer have an addition WMV9 capabilities. You will normally need to enable this in WinDVD or PowerDVD. Google "hardware acceleration" and "powerdvd" to get the specifics on how to set the option.

                I personally have been using Epia boards with Linux for years and I have been able to watch DVD on weaker 600MHz and 800MHz boards flawlessly with h/w acceleration enabled. In Linux it is referred to as XvMC (XVideo - Motion Compensation). I can watch videos on a 1GHz Epia with about 25-30% CPU usage no problems. The % can be up to 40-50% on the lower spec motherboards. Your 1.2GHz Epia should be in the 25-30% range, leaving more than enough CPU for other tasks.

                If you are watching videos other than DVDs, this won't really help as the decoding is different.

                Hope this helps.

                Epia Nano ITX N10000E, Morex 1677 Case, 1024MB RAM, TSST Slim DVD/CD-RW, 60GB Fujitsu Notebook HDD, Win XP Home/Mandriva 2008 Dual Boot