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Intel D201GLY2 Issues - Bad Board?

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  • Intel D201GLY2 Issues - Bad Board?

    Hey everyone--

    I fixed my driver issues I had earlier by just reinstalling windows, but now I am noticing a new, weird problem. When I start my computer from a cold start (whether shut down or hibernate) it sits there silent. There is no fan on the MB, but the fan on the power supply starts up and the hard drive stays off. After about 10 seconds the hard drive spins but the motherboard does not wake the monitor. I am assuming the board is not entering bios. It will sit like this until I pull the plug and plug it back in. After this it works fine. I can shut it down and restart it with no issues. This only happens after the computer has been sitting off for a period of time and it happens EVERY time in this situation. Is this a bad board??? This is really weird. Thanks in advance for any help.

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    I had a similar issue until I flashed to the latest bios.