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SV25 or SV24 owners, help!

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  • SV25 or SV24 owners, help!

    Hey all of you SV25 owners did you ever have any trouble getting your SV25 to POST??? Mine will not POST at all. The power light comes on, the fans spin but nothing happens. There is no video signal at all. I even just order some Crucial memory made for SV25's. I need some input please!!

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    What kind memory did you SV25/SV24 owners use?


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      i had that processor was bad....these boards WILL power up but nor post, even without a chip present.

      Try a diffrent chip, if that does not work, try new ram, if that does not work, it should still be under warranty, send it back toy whoever you got it from.
      If you have any other questions, lemme know
      Shuttle SV-24 (Plexiglass case)
      5 Gig Laptop HD (Now Dead)
      256 Ram
      466 Celeron (1 Gig Toasted)
      7" 16:9 touchscreen LCD
      Firewire Slot Load DVD
      700W Inverter (Power to spare)
      Monster Cap
      Sproggy Shutdown Controller
      Custom Fiberglass Console (Idea Junked)

      Still Need: GPS, and some kick a@# software!


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        I got it fixed finally. I just didnt seat the RAM good enough. You have to push down on the RAM pretty hard for some reason. I am almost done with my project and I should have pics up soon!


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          FV25 mobo....

          hey Michael Toomes.....
          i have a shuttle FV25 Mobo.... i had the same problem as you did.... the fans are working.. but nothing on the fv25 works fine at home with a 250 AC-DC PSU.... but not with a 90 W PSU.. what kind of PSU do you use? and how much ram do you have and what CPU do you use=?
          please help

          Mr. Jan Erik Vangen
          From Norway


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            I'm using the Power supply that came in the case. I have the SV25 so the power supply supply came with it. It is a 150W power supply. 90W might not be enough to power it.

            I have a 950 Celeron with 256MB RAM