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Old sound card....ARRRRRRRRGH!

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  • Old sound card....ARRRRRRRRGH!

    OK, this is a long shot, but here we go...

    I have an old Chaintech AV512-A sound card which will do 5.1 channel audio. I have had this card in a pile of other hardware for years, and I have no idea where I got it from. The card does work and I did find drivers for it that make XP happy, but without the software it came with (mixer), I have no way of making it output anything more than 2 channel audio. Does anyone here have this card, or more specifically the software for it?

    My other option for multi channel audio is an even older Ensoniq AudioPCI which does 4 channel audio. I bought this card new many many moons ago. Again, I have drivers for this card but not the mixer software so I am in the same boat as the above card. Does anyone have the software for this card?

    OR, if I am just being a total moron (very possible) and there is some option on Windows that I am missing to get these cards to work in multi channel mode, let me know...

    Thanks for any help everyone. I guess I should stop being such a cheap son of a gun and just buy a newer sound card...

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    Go to Control Pannel.
    Click Sounds and Audio Devices.
    Under Speaker Setting click the Advanced button.
    Under Speaker setup select the type you want (5.1 etc).


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      Tried that, it didn't seem to make any difference on either card. I still only had stereo adjustments and no output from the other jacks (for rear and sub). Thanks though!


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        Were you playing a 5.1 source or 2 channel?


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          OMG, I didn't even think about that. I have a semi-standing rule for myself. I don't do anything technical after 9:00 PM because my brain turns to jello. This is a prime example of that. I'll try it out and let you know.


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            yes try in winamp etc, setting it to directsound
            , otherwise it can fallback to using waveout.dll which is two channel. (like the bloody silabs dll does on my radio)
            Lez, more widely known as flez1966