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power supply buzzing help thing i found... read if u have noise

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  • power supply buzzing help thing i found... read if u have noise

    Copied/pasted directly from some site that now i cant remember. anyways, i thought this might help some of you that are having buzzing hissing or noise from power
    This is generally cause by a power connector that's plugged in backwards or a short somewhere on the motherboard. (with AT ps/mobo, check to see if those 2 power cords to the motherboard are in the right order. Another thing could be a problem with a short between the case and the motherboard. In this case, try using plastic standoffs or nylon washers between the screws holding it down to the case.
    If the buzzing still persists, unplug the power connector going to the motherboard and try running the power supply by itself. If the fan spins on the power supply and no more buzzing can be heard, its most likely your motherboard. However, if the buzzing still does not stop, try replacing the power supply.
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    First of all, if the power connectors were plugged in backwards the PC would not boot and something would probably fry on the board and render it useless.

    Also, it is not "normal" for there to be "shorts in the motherboard". If you have this problem, you'd better get a new board because this is not normal either.

    And there is no "short between the motherboard and the case" possible. Motherboards are designed with either no connection to the pads surrounding the holes for the standoff, or else they are tied to ground.

    I don't know where you got this information
    from, but I wouldn't trust that source anymore if I were you.

    The "Buzzing" people experience with MP3Car installations is due to inverter and alternator noise, not a dead PC that won't boot.


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      JJohnson: not true. I have actually tried this with the mb going into my car. Nothing happend. Put the plug the proper way and it worked fine. BTW, when i had it backwards, it was on for more than 1min.


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        12 years later

        this thread was made on my birthday 12 years ago