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    I know there a few remotes out there to use with the computer, but has anone made their computer into a remote? Wat I want to be able to do it rea in IR codes to the computer, and then take a bitmap, and define certain area that when clicked will send whatever IR code I tell it out of some sort of IR transmitter on a wire (ie ir blaster). I am looking to be able to control things with my computer that come with a remote. This would let you use a computer to control a factory stereo or XM receiver. Please let me know if you can do this and how.

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    i was on the irman website a while back and saw that they are working on annother product that can also send ir signals. you could check that out. i dont know when its supposed to be available though.
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      If you know how to program and you know the control codes, it's as simple as wiring an IR LED to the serial port.
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        Try this site:
        Computerized IR Control


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          I know Girder has a plugin for send and receive to IR devices...
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