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Has anyone tried to make thier system voice controlled?

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  • Has anyone tried to make thier system voice controlled?


    I was just wondering if anyone has tried to make their system voice controlled? I bought some voice control softwear, and it doesn't seem to give too much feedback when winamp is playing at full volume. However I haven't tried the idea in my car yet.

    If anything I think there will be more feedback in my car, because it will be louder. Is there a device or program that I can use that will mute the mic when winamp is playing? or whenever sound is comming out of my speakers? I would still have to stop winamp manually, but loading playlists, would be a breeze.

    And anyway...the GPS reciever and program I am looking at is voice activated...

    Thanks in advance,

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    I had that same idea a couple of days ago. I was thinking you could mount a small mic in the sun visor so you could pull it down to talk and it would be rite in front of your face. If there was a way to make it where the mic input was only picked up by the voice recognition program and not the rest of the computer then there wouldn't be any feedback. Then you could set the input level on the mic to be very low so it would only pick up your voice because it would be rite in front of your face. Or you could mute the radio, say the command, then unmute. If anyone has done this I would love to hear about it.



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      Hey guys
      dont want to sound too tragic but you can forget this idea unless you running a minimum of pentium II with 400Mhz and heaps of RAM and storage space.
      The voice activation software still under heavy develpment and they really suck all your resources and slow your machine down.

      I guess best way is to hang on a bit until they perfect the voice recegnition software and then we can think of running them in our cars!



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        The voice activation software that I have claims that it will run on a 133, with 32 mb ram. The system in my car will probably be at least 166 mhz. It should be more than enough to run it, especially if I "Stop" winamp before I say anything into the mic. You have to train it with your voice, so maybe Fosgate is thinking of much more complicated program...???? It only recognizes from templates that you create, it doesn't try to understand language or anything...???


        As far as slowing my system down, I can run Homeworld, with all the eye candy, and the resolution pumped up all the way up, and still use the voice recognition softwear for all of the keyboard shortcuts...without any slowdown.

        I actually recommend that anyone who plays computer games to look into the softwear.

        I understand that it intially got a bad review in many magazines, but its bugs are fixed. It works good, but not perfectly though. Damn good enough for loading playlists in a car though, and for a game like adds TONS to the immersion...

        well this board isn't about games, so I'll quit...but it seems like this softwear is just waiting to be taken advantage of in someones MP3Car!

        Saying the name of some playlist once, maybe twice if you mumble seems to me, to be a helluva lot easier than fumbling with a trackball and a pin sized pointer on a 5 inch screen.

        I already have the softwear, and the mic for my main rig. This summer when I try and wire my car up I will deffinetly give it a try.

        P.S. Toka, the visor was exactly where I thought of placing the mic as well...heh, great minds think alike I guess.


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          I just tryed it w/ VoiceAssist, a program that tryes to detect comands, and recignieses them, and it failed miserably, but I hear that MagicSpell works, but Ive never tried that.

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            Well, after some fiddling i got it to work!
            YEA! One problem it only dose Stop, Play, last track, next track and +10 Seconds,
            SO FAR. I'll keep working, and keep you posted


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              Gamecommander does anything that you can do with a keyboard. So to Load a playlist I simply say "open 'name of playlist'" the software goes through and sends a whole string of keyboard commands...(Ctrl O)(tab)(tab)(tab)(tab)(tab) and then what ever the appropriate combination of arrow keys and (enter) to load the said playlist.

              I can scroll through the playlist by saying "forward (any number) songs" or "back (any number) songs"

              In theory I could have a voice command for every song, but that may be pushing the program a little too far.


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                Flebelis, have you done this in your car yet? Do you have to wear a headset to get this to work?


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                  how abut a momentary switch in the mic line... that way when you want to give a command just press the button. no feed back if its not on ;-))
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                    I was thinking the same thing spud, I think that may be the only way to do it. It would have been much cooler to just "talk" and change the playlist or whatever ... (heh I can see the look on my friends faces now) ... It would require muting winamp and flipping a switch for the mic. Still cooler than fumbling with a keyboard and trackball though...

                    The fact that, in my house at least I can put winamp's volume all the way up and still get almost no feedback (if its a couple of feet away from the speakers )is tantalizing... Perhaps a really expensive mic would cut some of the feedback out? Maybe there is a device that I could plug into the mic, that would cut out everything that doesn't reach a certain decible level? I guess there is really no way to know unless someone has tried it...

                    MJohnson, no it isn't in my car yet. I don't have anything set up in my car yet :-( I'm waiting untill I get some free time, this summer. It wont require a headset, but may require some finger jive ...(muting winamp and flicking a switch for the mic)


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                      Have you seen GI Jane? Do you remember the microphones that they used out in battle that attached to their neck? Not as cool as a headset, but it would get rid of the feedback.

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                        As far as microphone use, you want to get a mic that has a very tight pick up pattern. This will help with eliminating feedback. If you can find one small enough, I would strongly recommend a unidirectional mic. Check with your local music store to find a small, unidirectional mic that you can clip to your visor. You may need some additional pieces to make the signal level of the mic match what the computer's sound card wants to see. Also, small mics are usually condensors, which require power to charge the diaphragm. If you get one at a pro shop, it should come with some provision for providing power, either battery or power supply.


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                          I've heard rumors of sound cards that cancel out the sound that they are sending out (i.e. no feedback). I have no idea who makes them or if the are even a feasible price, but you might check into it.


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                            Go to for the best voice recognition mic money can buy. It uses a 4 mic array with a digital signal processor. I haven't used it yet, but the specs are very impressive. Their original model is meant as an upgrade for the Clarion AutoPC, with special mounting brackets for the driver side visor. I beleive it costs $150.


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                              Not all software requires a pII-400 to do simple command voice recognition. If you use some type of unix platform in your design they have simple ones that will run on a 486. Obviously that doesn't help us since the machine also has to play mp3's but I just wanted to let people know.