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help with motherboard-wont boot, no video, no keyboard, nothing!

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  • help with motherboard-wont boot, no video, no keyboard, nothing!

    I have a voom pc 2 with the Cn700 jetway 1.5 ghz, 512 kingston ram, 80 gb hd, and m1-atx power supply. I have been trying to power my carputer outside of the car by rigging the power supply to a standard power cable and ended up burning my m1-atx power supply... so I now power the motherboard through a standard desktop atx power supply... the motherboard starts up *( the fan spins,hard drive moves, keyboard does not work only flashes once then thats all, and no video or vga -nothings shows up on the monitor).. I get a blank screen once I turn the carputer on and my monitor just says "your monitor is working, check your pc power connection...) I may have misplaced a jumper or I'm missing a jumper on the motherboard..If anyone has the same motherboard it would be great if i can copy their jumper settings to make sure mine are set correctly.. Does anyone think the mother board is fried..there are no burn marks only a small burn mark on the m1 atx power supply.the mother board wasn't burned at all and as i said it seems like it wants to start, i just dont see anything on the monitor.

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    I hate to say it, but I am pretty sure that you toasted your mobo. The fact that you don't have burn marks doesn't mean that it is OK.


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      Well I dont think that the mother board is toasted....i pulled the memory out of my home computer and it gave the same exact symptoms and when i put the memory back in correctly my home computer worked fine and displayed video and booted...if the memory isnt being read the monitor will just go in stand by mode ....everything on the carputer or my cn700 motherboard works...lan lights are blinking, usb is working, just no keyboard or vga output... basically there is something wrong with the memory or the memory module on the mother board... perhaps i messed the memory module up or the memory stick it self..i will try to find another memory stick for it and see if it makes a difference..perhaps im not resetting cmos correctly..any more help would be great


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        My guess is a dead mobo. I have one too going back tomorrow.

        Just because the board gets power (fans/leds) doesnt have anything to do with it working. Any number of chips could be fried.
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