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  • Buying In Dash Pc, Need Help


    I know most of you will just tell me to build my own pc but i think for me and what i want a pre made 1-din car pc i can put in my dash is all i need. i want to install windows and have itunes on it so i can use my external harddrive with all of my songs on it, thats basically it.

    -Ive been looking at the lilliput tc-1000 (sometimes known as other names) and i have noticed some people didnt like it too much but it was overall an ok product. they just came out with the tc-2000 and i cant find much info on it but im pretty sure they fixed some of the problems (i remember reading they only put 1 fan so it isnt as loud as the 1000)

    -after doing more research i found this product made by a korean company that has an awesome screen that comes out and spins then flips up so it is much wider than a normal flip up screen. its looks arent amazing but something couls be done about that im sure, overall it looks ok, but i have pretty much no knowledge on this because the main webside is in all korean. here is a link to an english review:

    -another 1-din sized carputer i found was this one i randomly came upon in a google search. when it comes to a basic desktop p.c. i understand what is going on, but i dont know too much about the exact stuff and what i need for this car pc i want. dont know if this is a good one for me, dont know a price or anything, but its another option i found. Here is the link: http://whbluestar.manufacturer.globa...Din-Car-PC.htm

    -the last is another one i randomly came upon and its pretty much the same as the last one. Here is a link:

    i would really like to purchase on of these (or a better one) soon because i have been searching for a while and i want it before i go on my roadtrip from mass to florida. so for people confused and just a little more help this is exactly what i want...

    -a 1-din car pc that is capable of playing dvds and cds from my harddrive (itunes for music)
    -would like to have a cd player capable of burning my media right to my hard drive from the car (not needed tho)
    -able to play dvds
    -input for a gaming system
    -rca output for amps running to my speakers

    i know i may sound dumb in this field but i just want to get whats right for me and want to make it easy for everyone to figure out.

    i havent gotten much help before on this website but im in desperate need of help this time in trying to pick my pc asap.

    thank you

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    First of all, single-DIN units are going to be low-powered.
    Don't expect any performance or speed form them.

    with tiny cases like that, low-power hardware is needed to reduce the heat buildup. heat is the enemy of electronic devices. Low-power hardware generates less heat, so it is the best choice for such a small device.

    Some of the units you linked to have never seen the market, as they are simply prototypes or proof-of-concept units. The MPC unit is pretty much vaporware as far as I'm concerned.
    Also understand that you will pay a premium for these units. The engineering required to cram all that functionality into a tiny single-DIN case costs money, and that cost is passed on to the end user.

    I'm not going to say that you should build your own. That's obviously not for everyone.
    However, I think you will be better serv ed and a far happier installer/user by purchasing a unit that is designed to be mounted somewhere besides the dash (under seat, trunk, glovebox, behind a panel) such as the pre-assembled units available from the store and other vendors.
    With a unit similar to this and a touchscreen in the dash (either a flip-out or a molded-in screen), your installation issues will be minimized, and you won't have to fight with as cramped a PC case should you need to troubleshoot the hardware.
    One other benefit is that these units are built using hardware that the membership of these forums are familiar with, so you'd have access to a wealth of troubleshooting & configuration assistance.

    Whatever you choose for your install, I wish you good luck.
    Welcome to our madness!
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      I will warn you that by rushing into this you're probably not going to end up with a solution you're happy with.
      Jan Bennett
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      Please post on the forums! Chances are, someone else has or will have the same questions as you!


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        thanks for the help guys

        everything you said about the single din is making sense now. for some reason i was thinking the ones on this site would be more difficult to set up. would it basically be the same as giving it power, hooking up a screen and its done? thats what im looking for.

        i was looking at some of the products on this site and found one i kind of like but im not sure if its exactly what i need.

        it seems good for what i want but i could use some info on how it would work with my needs.

        also, i get what you are saying with rushing and not getting what i need but, i have been looking for over a year now. i just want to make sure i finally get it before its too late. thanks for your concern though


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          yes the beginner car pc is a great start.
          It has everything you need to start the project, except some power cable and little stuff that you can get easily from local audio shop/radioshack.
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            doesnt it say the beginner one in the link i posted comes with a wiring kit? or does it not include a good enough power cable (i have tons of extras anyway)


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              Originally posted by maroon93maro View Post
              doesnt it say the beginner one in the link i posted comes with a wiring kit? or does it not include a good enough power cable (i have tons of extras anyway)
              it might have every important cable with good quality, but sometimes you just need extra cable to do something.
              like I said, really easy to get on local store.
              don't worry about it, you'll be fine.
              dsatx in voompc 2 case <HERE>


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                Originally posted by maroon93maro View Post
                doesnt it say the beginner one in the link i posted comes with a wiring kit? or does it not include a good enough power cable (i have tons of extras anyway)
                in the main product description is says/shows:


                - 18 ft. 10GA Red Power Cable
                - 4 ft. 10GA Black Ground Cable
                - 17 ft. RCA Cable
                - 17 ft. Blue Remote Turn-On Wire
                - 30 ft. 16GA Speaker Wire
                - ATC In-Line Fuse Holder + 30AMP ATC Fuse
                - All Necessary Hardware for Installation


                - (1) 4GA IN, (4) 8GA OUT
                - Platinum look finish
                - 24K hard gold plated hardware
                - Resistant to corrosion
                - Durable injection molded, black base and clear acrylic cover 1-4GA IN 4-8GA OUT

                don't know how you missed it :/
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                  i didnt miss it, someone said i would need some so i was thinking maybe it doesnt come with it. like i said i have plenty anyway i will be fine, thanks.


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                    oops, it was me that missed the post above yours. "skuller" seemed to have misread the description, because it DOES include the power cable. I didn't realize you were responding to that comment (because you asked it as a question instead of saying that it did include it)...sorry dude

                    anyways, that kit should come with everything you need (hardware-wise) to hook the carPC. you shouldn't have to buy anything else at all.

                    welcome to carputing, and good luck
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