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Trying to use up some older hardware.

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  • Trying to use up some older hardware.

    Just been looking at what kit we have at home, and maybe moving away from the Mini-ITX route.

    We are looking at finding a DVD player that can play MP3 audio/cdr and CDRW content, as well as DVD and VCD. That would leave the Media PC as defunct, and GF would get the contents of that (Duron 750, G450 DDR) to replace her sightly aged K6-2 400.

    Now I've been thinking, running linux, would a K6-2 400, and a 32meg TNT2 be sufficient to run DVD and DivX?

    Also how dificult would it be to set up Linux to run a Delou USB GPS mouse thing? I got one ordered and dispatched last week, and it seems to work OK with GPSS on Win2k on my Laptop (could tell that I was walking about 1mph in my garden when I stepped out to get a good signal).

    Does any one thing this would be fast enough hardware for a Modern Multimedia Car PC?
    4x4 in a turbo stylee.