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Eluminx Illuminated Keyboard

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  • Eluminx Illuminated Keyboard

    Looks cool.

    Check it!
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    that could be useful for being in the car at night...but for $100, i would rather turn the domelight on...when im stopped of course...


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      yeah neat board but not so neat price
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        Why not build it yourself ?
        In the shops I saw many keyboards with transparent keys so just a LED or under each one or Fiberwire or such - I know it's mcuh work but its cheaper than 100$ . EL foil should also work for some because of transparent contact layout .

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          Its freakin' huge!

          over 16inches wide. That's way to big for my tastes for a car keyboard. Maybe if they made a mini version....
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            Ive seen web sites where people put EL wire underneath all the keys on a keyboard, so that they glow from behind. it can be done with any keyboard, although there needs to be enough space for the EL-wire, so im not sure if a thin keyboard, like a laptops would work very well.

            edit: heres the link:
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