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XMMS "General Plugin" for Griffin Powermate Control

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  • XMMS "General Plugin" for Griffin Powermate Control


    I just wrapped up a bit of testing on a plugin I slapped together. It is for the Griffin Powermate:

    Feel free to give it a shot... It can downloaded it from:

    I don't quite have a web page prepared for it, so I hope the README.txt is good enough for now. The latest version of the plugin is : xmms-powermate-0.0.3.tgz

    Any feedback is appreciated, good or bad. Although I already know that someone created some Ruby scripts to accomplish this same task, but I didn't want to deal with additional scripts. I threw this together (Heavily based on the Joystick plugin) for safer control of music in my car, rather than the touch screen @ ~80mph. Have fun, and thanks in advance!

    Todd E. Johnson

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    how do you like the powermate? i've been straongly considering buying one, as my used and abused ir reciever has seen its last day, so before i go buy another reciever or at the very least a couple ir eyes, how well does the powermate work? i really really want one just for the looks of it too

    Please also post some pics of how where you hvae it installed, and how exactly does it work with doing EVERYTHING it proclaims to do with only a knob/button?

    Audi A4 (flickr pics)


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      Well, for now (On Linux) it only offers canned operations for XMMS. This will expand in the future though. In windows, you can pretty much use it to emulate key bindings for various applications.

      I have mine mounted above the rear-view mirror, and I love the control for scrolling through the playlist, play/pause, and volume control. More info, and the plugins new home is @

      It is much better than attempting to use a touch screen while driving

      I am still updating my site with respect to GrandAmp v2.0 (My newer install) and I will be doing pictures soon... Hope this helps!

      Todd E. Johnson